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The Korean Revival



The Korean revival that occurred between 1903 and 1907 was and continues to be a source of awe to the Christian world. Unfortunately the background and other information on the revival is little known. I hope you can learn more about the revival as I slowly add documents to this section.


Testimonials Of The Korean Revival



Christian Life In The Revived Korean Church


North Korean Pyongyang Revival

• Introduction

The Pyongyang Revival, a little known but wonderful revival that took place in the capital city of North Korea in 1907, eventually led to the city becoming as the Jerusalem of Asia. As a result of later persecution, many of these individuals fled to the south, and led to South Korea becoming a great Christian nation.

Pastor Graham Lee's Testimony

This firsthand account is one of the most important and most instructive accounts of what actually happened in Pyongyang.


Quotes About The Korean Revival

Here you will find quotes on the Korean revival.


Political Developments in Korea Following the Revival of 1907

After the revival, great political changes occurred with the annexation of the Korea by the Japanese and other changes.



Further Reading

UCLA Online Archive Korean Christianity

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