Thomas Brooks, (1608-1680)

Puritan Pastor and Author




Brief Biography

Thomas Brooks was a non-conforming Puritan pastor and author. He attended Emmanuel College, Cambridge in 1625, ordained to the ministry in 1640, pastor at St. Thomas the Apostle in London (1648), Chaplain to the Parliamentary Fleet serving at sea, Minister at St. Margaret’s in London (1653), ejected in 1662 as a result of the Act of Uniformity, and later a pastor in Moorfields, London. He remained in London tending to his flock during the time of the Great Plague of 1665. He was married twice: Martha Burgess in 1676, and Patience Cartwright. Speaking of his first wife, he stated, “She was always best when she was most with God in a corner. She has many a whole day been pouring out her soul before God for the nation, for Zion, and the great concerns of her own soul.” He died at the age of 72 in 1680, and was buried at Bunhill Fields in London. He wrote many wonderful books, including Precious Remedies, Secret Key to Heaven, Mute Christian and Smooth Stones taken from Ancient Brooks.



Privy Key of Heaven

This is a wonderful, must read, book on secret prayer.