Holiness and Spirituality Writers

Frances Ridley Havergal (1836-1879)

(Hymn and Devotional Writer)

Frances Ridley Havergal was a precocious  English poet who composed many religious poems. Born into an Anglican family at Astley. Her father was a pastor, composer and hymn writer. She led a fairly quiet life and suffered quite a bit of illness. She credited the little booklet All For Jesus with transforming her life. In addition to composing hundreds of poems, she also composed hymn tunes to go with some of them, wrote a book—Kept for the Master's Use, and several devotionals. She also memorized the gospels, the epistles, Revelation, the Psalms, Isaiah and the Minor prophets. She was also an accomplished pianist and singer. She kept up an extensive correspondence  that was later used in preparing the memorial book that her sister put together. She eventually died of peritonitis  at Caswell Bay in Wales. Many of her works were published after her death.

J. Gregory Mantle (1853-1925)

(Writer on Holiness)

Mantle wrote four or five books. The best in my opinion was his Beyond Humiliation: The Way of the Cross. Over time more books will be added.

James McConkey (1858-1937)

James McConkey, a native of Pennsylvania (USA) graduated from Princeton Unversity in 1880 as the President of his class. He then studied law and became a lawyer. He worked with the YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) and helped found the Africa Inland Mission. He also had his own ice-making business for a time. It was while working with ice and facing a looming financial disaster that a crisis of obedience brought a complete surrender to God and eventually a full-time ministry. He wrote a variety of books on practical Christianity, including the Surrendered Life, the Three -Fold Secret of the Holy Spirit, and the Way of Victory. All of of his books were distributed free of charge. An invalid much of his life, he died at the age of 79. His books are wonderful and to be read!!!

F. B. Meyer (1847-1929)

Global Apostle of Godliness

Théodore Monod (1836-1921)

French Preacher of Holiness

Théodore Monod, a much appreciated French Protestant Pastor and Keswick speaker, was the son of Frederick Monod. Trained at Western Theological Seminary in Alleghany, Pennsylvania, he labored for a time among the French Canadians in Illinois. In 1875 he took up his Father's pastorate in Paris. In addition to conference speaking he also wrote several books.

Andrew Murray (1828-1917)

Holiness Writer

Andrew Murray was born in 1828 in Scotland. He eventually studied theology in the Netherlands where he also experienced personal conversion. For the next 60 years, Murray worked as a pastor in South Africa in the Dutch Reformed Church. During this time he also authored over 200 books. In addition to all of this he was busy in social activism, founded various educational institutions, and played a significant positive role within many circles of Christendom. He believed that God had done everything necessary for people to live rich and productive lives, the obstacles to which included half-hearted surrender to God, a lack of confidence in the anointing of the Spirit and skepticism in the power of prayer. His many books were dictated either to his wife Emma or his daughter, his being unable to write. Many of his books were written with 31 brief chapters, designed to be read on a daily basis for a month. He died in 1917.

Gerhard Tersteegen (1697-1769)

(German Pietist)

Gerhard Tersteegen was a German Reformed religious writer and Pietist. As a result of the influence of Wilhelm Hoffman, a pietistic revivalist, he adopted the Pietist perspective and devoted himself to writing and sharing Jesus publicly, and withdrawing from all secular pursuits in order to do religious work. Among the few books available on him in English are, Recluse in Demand and Sermons and Hymns by Tait, The Life and Times of Gerhard Tersteegen and Spiritual Crumbs from the Master’s Table by Samuel Jackson.


Charles Trumbull (1872-1941)

(Holiness Writer)

Charles G. Trumbull was an editor and popular speaker at conferences on victory, and played a key role in the formation of the Victorious Life Testimony, a series of conventions held on the deeper life. He wrote several books, including What is the Gospel, and Taking Men Alive and Victory in Christ.