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Charles Trumbull 


Charles G. Trumbull was an editor and popular speaker at conferences on victory, and played a key role in the formation of the Victorious Life Testimony, a series of conventions held on the deeper life. He wrote several books, including What is the Gospel, and Taking Men Alive.


His Testimony

"Trumbull was disappointed in his ministry to others and though he lacked the dynamic, convincing spiritual power that would work miraculous changes in other men's lives. He labored at ministering to others, but wasn't seeing the results he desired. One day he heard a preacher speak on Ephesians 4:12, 13; "Till we all come ... unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ." Dr. Trumbull testified: "As I followed it I was amazed, bewildered. I could not follow him. He was beyond my depth. He was talking about Christ, unfolding Christ, in a way that I admitted was utterly unknown to me." (Read More)


Books by Charles Trumbull

Taking Men Alive

Taking Men Alive is one of the best books I have read on soul-winning. Originally written by Charles Trumbull's father, N. Clay Trumbull and published as Individual Work for Individuals, it was later rewritten by Charles.

Introduction: Hints to Class Leaders

This is the first chapter of his marvelous book on soul-winning. Originally written by his father Clay Trumbull, Charles Trumbull made Taking Men Alive more readable and added questions at the beginning and end of each chapter to assist class leaders facilitate discussions on soul-winning. Trumbull is a master teacher and the suggestions made in this initial chapter in Taking Men Alive are worth pondering.

Here are a few tips:

"The wise and skilful leader will invariably do less talking than his class does."

"If he (the instructor) does not get it (the content of the session) back again from them, by the giving out of questions and opinions and experiences on their part, he will have taught them little or nothing."

"Winning From the Start"

This fourth chapter of Taking Men Alive presents the key concept of the entire book, so far as I am concerned: the principle of "honest commendation." As a result of reading this chapter, my witnessing experience has completely changed. Where previously I worried about what I was going to say, now I "study" the person, look for ways to honestly affirm them, and follow as the Lord opens the conversation. This is a paradigm-changing book on Christian witnessing.


Taking Men Alive - Complete Book 

This is the complete book, so be prepared for it to take some time to download the 3.5 MB PDF file.

Taking Men Alive (PDF Format)

Taking men Alive (Kindle Format)

Taking Men Alive (Epub Format) - forthcoming


Victory in Christ

This wonderfully instructive book is made up of sermons that Charles Trumbull delivered at various Victorious Life conventions. A particular favorite is "The Life that Wins."

1. What Is Your Kind of Christianity


2. The Life that Wins


3. Real and Counterfeit Victory


4. Is Victory Earned, Or a Gift


5. Victory Without Trying


6. "IS" The Secret of Victory


7. Perils of the Victorious Life


The Victorious Life


This sermon from the Victorious Life Conference of 1922 which took place in Princeton, NJ. The sermons are excellent and will eventually all appear here.


6. The Perils of the Victorious Life